Eating Post Workout

The other day, I was walking out of Carrier and ran into a friend of mine. She was wearing her workout clothes and I gave her kudos, seeing as though I hadn’t been to the gym in days. She laughed saying, “Yeah, I took a Barre class but then ate my weight in food at the gym.” Up until then, I was aware the new UREC had an area for food, but assumed it wasn’t very special. I guess I haven’t been paying much attention at UREC this semester.

It was lunchtime and I was starving. Like a lot of the time, all I could think about was food. I asked my friend what she ate at UREC, surprised she said she had eaten such a large meal. She told me she had a rice bowl and despite the size, it was acceptable, because the new UREC offers healthy food options. According to JMU Campus Dish, the Freshens Fresh Food Studio located in UREC, “is a healthy, fast casual restaurant offering prepared to order food inspired by fresh ingredients and authentic flavors.”

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Often, after leaving the gym I find myself craving food. However, I am too lazy to walk to Dukes or Top Dog, too sore to walk up the ISAT stairs towards Festival and too tired to go home and make myself food. I assume I’m not alone in this? So, how perfect is the new UREC food court? With its convenient location and healthy options, it clearly serves as a great resource to students who take advantage. I plan to do so really soon. And, you should too. Still, you might have questions. So, just as I will always plan to do, I have done the work to provide you with answers, so you don’t have to. Well, technically Spoon University has done the work, but I found you the article. Check it out for some tips on “Everything You Need to Know About Eating at the UREC’s New Café.”

Maybe I’ll see you there sometime soon.

Peace, Love and DDP



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