Skipping Your Workout Can Make You Stronger

Have you ever felt burnt out and tired but think if you skip a workout it may hinder your progress? Fitness guru Kayla Itsines writes on her blog that skipping a workout can actually be good for you. She tells us all of the benefits that can come from skipping a workout every now and then.kayla.png

According to, intense training every day can hurt your immune system and may make you sick because your body never has time to recover. Going along with recovery, your muscles are never given a chance to repair themselves if you work out constantly. When working out tiny tears are made in your muscles which help you to become stronger but only if you let them to rest. Taking a break can allow you to get the rest you need to complete your workouts for the remainder of the week. It enables your mind take a break so that you can re-focus your energy back at wanting to workout instead of dreading it. She tells us that it is alright to use that hour that you would be working out to relax, hang out with friends, clean the house or even watch television, just make sure this doesn’t become an everyday thing. According to an article written by even Olympic athletes build rest days into their training schedule because without them the body will give out and injuries will happen easier.

This blog stuck out to me because I know that when I skip a workout I feel guilty about it. Kayla lets us know that it will actually do us good to skip a day especially if we aren’t feeling up to it so we can let our bodies take a break. I suggest you read her blog if you are feeling like a slacker for not wanting to work out, you are not alone and it could help you and your progress in the long run.

Peace, Love and DDP,



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