Where Should You Eat On Campus?

One of the many reasons that students at JMU have so much trouble try to eat healthy when they first arrive at JMU is because of the never ending options.  From peanut butter pie, to always having the option to eat a burger at E-hall, it is hard.  While there are many decadent and unhealthy options on campus, there is also an abundant amount of healthy options.

  • Get Your Green On at the Student Success Center
  • Mrs. Greens
  • Madison Grill
  • UREC café
  • Top Dog/ PC Dukes/ Festival Food Court

Get Your Greens On

Ever heard of quinoa? If not, every health guru trying to get in shape should learn this word and exactly what it is. Pronounced “keen-wah”, this is a protein-packed grain that has an abundant amount of health benefits. It is filled with every amino acid and is a good source of iron, magnesium, Vitamin E and more. It is important to know that is a great source of fiber.  Fiber is key to keeping you stuffed and focused throughout the day. At Get Your Greens On, you have the option to get delicious quinoa bowls that you can fill with your favorite vegetables.  The best way to describe it is a healthier version of Chipotle. You get one protein such as chicken, vegetarian chicken, and tofu (making it a great option for vegetarians). The other toppings are endless such as corn, tomatoes, beans, apples, beats and so much more.  The best part of Get Your Greens On is how easy it is to customize exactly what you want.

Mrs. Greens

This is the best one stop shop for healthy eaters.  When you walk in you will immediately notice the salad bar that takes up most of the dining hall.  They have many different types of lettuce and every type of topping you could possibly want.  Even if you are new to salads and not sure what you like this is the best place to try everything out because it is an all you can eat dining hall! Not only is it just salads, they have a hot entrée bar that has a variety of meals to fill you up, not just salad.  My favorite thing about Mrs. Greens is the option to get your food to go. If you’re in a rush and plan on eating on-the-go, or in the library you can bring your healthy meal with you.

Madison Grill

Madison Grill is a restaurant that you can punch at a certain amount of times per semester.  This is an amazing option for JMU students that are looking for a nice healthy meal and want to have a fun night out with their friends. Speaking of quinoa bowls, they offer two quinoa bowls that are out of this world.  On the menu, the calories are next to each meal and have plenty vegetarian and vegan options. This is the greatest place to go to get a protein packed meal with grilled chicken, steak, and fish.  Everything from this dining facility tastes like a high class restaurant and is definitely has its fair share of healthy options.  It’s not necessarily about eating at healthy places, but knowing what healthy options to get when you’re out: and Madison Grill makes that so easy.


This is the newest eating sensation on campus, and I have to say it lives up to its hype.  The Freshens Fresh Food Studio is an amazing place to eat whether you just finished working out or are in the mood for something satisfying and healthy. This place has it all.  My favorite item on the menu is the hummus bowl. This is a spin on a delicious Mediterranean dish and is extremely delicious. With rice, hummus, spinach, romaine, and tomatoes it is protein packed to keep you full and also filled with lean ingredients. This place has everything from crêpes, salads, flatbreads, and smoothies. These smoothies are awesome if you’re in the mood for something to fill you up but not a full meal.  They have fruit smoothies and smoothies packed with vegetables and nutrients such as the “Oh Kale!” smoothie. They offer protein filled smoothies for after a hard workout such as the “Protein Power-Up” and the “Peanut Butter Protein.” Once again, I love when dining facilities post calories and ingredients on the menu.  It makes it easy to stay away from hidden sugars and helps to know exactly what you’re eating.

Top Dog/ PC Dukes/ Festival

These can be tricky places to eat at if you don’t know the healthiest options. At Top Dog, there is a station called Mongolian Grill where they have many different types of protein such as chicken and steak served over either rice or noodles with vegetables.  I love coming here when I want something savory.  It can be a little heavy but is a great way to get in some meat and vegetables. PC Dukes and Festival also have many healthy options as well.  It can be hard to resist the ice cream station and the satisfying crepes, but there is an awesome sandwich and salad station that make it easy to eat healthy. At “Eats” you can essentially get an amazing meal that will taste pretty close to thanksgiving.  They have turkey, broccoli, green beans, cornbread and more. At these locations they also have pre-made sushi, salads, sandwiches, hummus snacks and more that make it easy to eat healthy when you’re in a rush to your class.

As you can see there are amazing food options at JMU which is why our campus is always ranked so high for best food in the country.  It can be hard to turn away from tempting unhealthy options, but JMU makes it as easy as possible to access healthy food from whichever side of campus you live on, or have classes on.  I hope you feel inspired to branch out and try some of these awesome options and take advantage of all of the amazing good eats that JMU has to offer!

Peace, Love and DDP,



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