Food on Wheels

Whether you’re a freshman who visited JMU on a tour and experienced D-Hall’s purple and gold cupcakes for the first time, or a senior who spent most of your career wishing for buffalo mash and dreaming of french toast sticks on Sunday mornings, we can all agree the destruction of D-Hall was devastating. In fact, some may say it was an end of an era.

Granted, D-Hub has done a great job of taking the place of D-Hall. D-Hub offers all the same great meals and has continued the same traditions as D-Hall. In fact, D-Hub also offers to-go options which D-Hall never had.

Still, let’s say you are like me and have all your classes on the quad. D-Hub’s location in Baseball Lot is not the most convenient. I was so nervous about this in the beginning of the year. Dramatically, I figured JMU would leave me to starve. Luckily, JMU has wheeled in (literally) some alternatives to D-Hall. JMU’s food trucks are not only new, but they are delicious. Take my word for it.

Fueled Food Truck. Photo Credit: Spoon University
Nacho Papi’s Food Truck. Photo Credit: Spoon University

Spoon University details ‘Everything You Need to Know about the New Food Trucks on JMU’s campus’. Check out the article to find out more about this new trend as you slowly try to get through the sadness of the loss of D-Hall.

Now I’m hungry. Food trucks here I come…


Peace, Love & DDP




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