Stop Being Afraid of the Gym

Everything you have tried seems to fail. You have said to yourself before that you want to get fit so you start to go to the gym but that motivation lasts about two weeks tops. You may have no idea where to start. You may be self-conscious of being a gym newbie. That’s ok, everyone has to start somewhere, though it may be surprising everyone in that gym, even the most fit of people, have had the same feeling as you at some point. Motivation is key, but that’s just the start of it. There are many things that come into play when it comes to starting your workout regiment and I am here to help explain them to you so that you can get started in the gym without fear.

Get out of your own head

You are your own worst enemy. The fact that you are telling yourself that you can’t do it is holding you back. The second you change your mind about yourself it will be so much easier to get started. As I said before everyone has to start somewhere and no one is judging you in the gym. Everyone is there for the same reason, to better themselves and to keep healthy. The sooner you realize this the sooner you can get in the gym and stay there.


Maybe what you need is a little fitness inspiration. Check out different fitness blogs or accounts on Facebook and Instagram that show transformation photos of people who started out just like you. Do not become obsessed with looking like someone else that you see but use these pictures as motivation that you too can do it.

Find a workout regime that suits you

The weight room may not be for you. Maybe you love to run but you want to start strength training. The TRX looks intimidating but you want to give it a try. This step is all about trial and error. Do not get discouraged if you try something out and can’t keep up or just simply do not like it. There are many sources for finding different workout routines online all you have to do is type in what you want to try and you will get hundreds of examples. UREC also offers an array of classes to choose from. Try those out who knows you could become the next body sculpt regular.

Get a gym buddy


According to a support system is one of the best ways to keep up the good work in the gym. Finding someone to go to the gym with can get both of you into gear when it comes to sticking to plans to workout. It is much harder to cancel on someone than it is to cancel plans on yourself because now you have someone relying on you. You will motivate one another, you can use each other for partner workouts and it’s always going to be more fun doing something with a friend than just going at it alone.

Make a schedule and stick to it

Create a schedule of times that you can go to the gym that work around your classes and study time. Maybe waking up earlier is the only way you can get your workout in or maybe late night is your only opportunity. Find whatever works the best for you. The gym shouldn’t be a chore it should be something that you look forward to, a stress reliever and the chance to get away from the stressors of classes. Get together with your gym buddy and work out the times that you both can go and stick to it. Be sure to include rest days in your schedule as well. The moment you start straying from your schedule is when you ultimately stop going all together. So be sure to create a schedule that you know you can keep up with.

Listen to your body, do not over do it

Burn out is another factor in quitting the gym entirely. Working yourself too hard for too many consecutive days can be reason for you to steer clear of the gym for a while. As I stated before be sure to take rest days. Listen to your body when you feel too tired or too sore to go to the gym and take the day off. This doesn’t mean quit, just take the day off and get back to it the next day. Stretching in front of the television can be a great alternative for the day. According to Kayla Itsines, fitness guru, on her blog she says that skipping your workout for the day when feeling too tired or sore can give you a renewed focus and can be beneficial to boosting your motivation when it comes to working out in the future.

So get up get a friend, make some time and get to the gym. Find what works best for you and what you like to do. Most importantly do not be afraid of what others are saying about you because they are all there to do the same thing you are, to exercise. The gym is a judgment free zone so fear no more. See you at UREC in the near future Dukes.

Peace, Love and DDP,



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