Boot Camp Ideas That Are Sure To Spread Holiday Cheer

This is it, 2016 has almost come to an end. As we approach December that also means we are approaching the holiday season which can mean binge eating endless carbs and baked goods. Working out is the last thing on your mind. It may not be fun for you or something that you look forward to. You would much rather be on the couch watching endless holiday movies. But, what if your workouts incorporated the holiday season? has five ideas to make your workouts holiday themed and something to look forward to during this time of the year. The best part about these boot camp style workout ideas is that you don’t have to do them alone, you’re actually encouraged to do this with others, these workouts are a great way to spend time with friends and family during the holiday season.

White Elephant Gift Exchange Workout

A traditional white elephant gift exchange with some fitness add-ons. Here’s how it works: everyone first completes a round of exercises, you all can choose what exercises you would like to do before the boot camp begins. After everyone completes the round you are all now on the “nice list” and may choose any wrapped gift. After everyone has chosen a gift you may steal anyone’s gift but you must complete two exercises from the “naughty list”. If your gift is stolen then you must complete two exercises from the nice list and to get a new wrapped gift. If the person whose gift has been stolen wants someone else’s gift they must complete two exercises off of the naughty list to steal the present. A gift may only be stolen three times before it is off limits. The “nice list” exercises should be fairly easy for each person to complete and the “naughty list” exercises should be on the more difficult side.

Santa’s Workshop Workout

This boot camp will take about 45 minutes and dumbbells, battle ropes and boxes are needed for these workouts so it will need to be completed at the gym. This workout is all about pretending you are assisting Santa in making his deliveries this Christmas so you will need to use a little imagination. For the warm-up each person picks an exercises to do for 10 reps, this should take anywhere from seven to 10 minutes. The first drill is known as “Santa’s Workshop” and is complied of two exercises and eight reps of each. First is the “toymaker” exercise that is actually known as man makers, this exercise is a “plank to push-up to one armed dumbbell row to squat to dumbbell overhead shoulder press” according to The second exercise is a squat jump. The second drill is “Santa’s Bag”, it is now time to load the sled by doing dumbbell suicides. Set up five comes 10 meters apart from one another. At the first cone carry the dumbbells to the second cone and set them down and run back to the first cone as fast as you can. Pick up the dumbbells and the second cone and carry them to the third cone then run back to the first cone. Repeat this exercise until three minutes have elapsed. The third drill you will pretend you are on the sleigh getting the reindeer to fly. This consists of two exercises repeated for eight reps, first is the battle rope slams and then plank up downs. The fourth drill is the “Rudolph Run” which is known as the Indian run in groups of five or six, and this exercise will be repeated until three minutes have elapsed. Drill five is “Down the Chimney” again two exercises for eight reps. First exercise will be “chimney jumps” aka box jumps and the second is walkout to push up. Finally drill six “Ho Ho HIIT” for four minutes with 20 seconds of work and ten seconds of rest repeated four times. The two exercises to be completed are “chimney climbers” which are mountain climbers and then star jumps.

12 Days of Christmas Workout

For this workout the participants are encouraged to dress in Christmas attire and to play Christmas music to get in the spirit. This is a perfect Christmas Eve workout and only takes 25 minutes to complete. Everyone participating will need a pair of dumbbells. The list of workouts will be accumulative just as the song “12 Days of Christmas” goes. Every new exercise you will complete the number said before it and then go back and do the preceding exercise with the number indicated. Here is a list of the exercises to complete thanks to, you may use these exercises or come up with your own.

  1. DB snatch (alternate arms each round)
  2. Burpees
  3. DB swing (like a kettle bell swing but with a dumbbell)
  4. Tricep dips
  5. Bicep curls
  6. Pushups
  7. Sea turtles
  8. Deadlifts
  9. Shoulder press
  10. Mountain climbers (each side)
  11. Wood chops (with weight)
  12. Box jumps (adv) or step-ups (beg/int.)

Christmas Tree Workout2014-12-08-05.27.56-e1418345095555.jpg

A pyramid style workout similar to the 12 days of Christmas workout, it will take about an hour to complete and dumbbells are needed. First to complete will be the base of the tree. Two round for 30 seconds each of glute bridge marches, scapula push-ups, stir the pot and then plank rocks. Next its time to complete the tree of exercises which includes five rounds and five exercises in each round. Round five: 10 reps each, push-ups, alternating bent over dumbbell row, dumbbell walking lunges, jump squats and side plank dumbbell raise. Round four: 20 reps each, push-ups, alternating bent over dumbbell row, dumbbell walking lunges and jump squats. Round three: 30 reps each, alternating bent over dumbbell row, dumbbell walking lunges and jump squats. Round two: 40 reps each, dumbbell walking lunges and jump squats. Round one: 50 reps of alternating bent over dumbbell row. The top of the tree is last with 100 dumbbell jumping jacks. Take a two-minute break and then do the workout again in reverse.

Kris Kringle Workout

The equipment needed for this workout is one Christmas bag and 10 Christmas bows or tags with exercise names written on them. To set up for this workout you need to attach a piece of paper with an exercise to your bow or tags and place it in your Christmas bag. The workout consists of ten different exercises that you may choose yourself. One person will go up to the bag and choose a “present” the exercise pulled out of the bag is then the exercise that everyone must complete. You may either put the present back in or have everyone pull out the different exercises and the workout can be complete when the bag is emptied.

This holiday season grab a few friends and try these different holiday boot camps. Dress up in your favorite ugly Christmas sweaters and blast some holiday music for added holiday cheer.

Peace, Love and DDP,



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