Hunter Lewis

Hey fellow Dukes, I’m Hunter Lewis; a third year Communication Studies major with a concentration in Public Relations and high hopes to become a Sports Communication minor at the end of the semester.

Health and fitness in particular have always been a huge portion of my life. I have worked in a fitness center for four years so I would consider the gym my sanctuary.  My mother is also a nutritionist so healthy eating is made into a family affair. She has taught me everything she knows when it comes to cooking things that are not only good for your body but delicious as well.

Even with all of this background in fitness and health I too gained the freshman fifteen my first year of college. With a lot of hard work, and yes I mean a lot, I lost the weight and continue to keep it off.

Changing my lifestyle from eating the junk food on campus and never going to UREC to finding healthier options and making time for the gym was a shock to my second year schedule. Luckily I lived on campus my second year so it was an easier transition than if I had been off campus. I made some major, but doable changes to my lifestyle.

Now that I am in my third year and off campus I am finding even more ways to fit working out and healthy eating into my lifestyle. Join me in my journey as I figure out just how to keep up with my healthy lifestyle now that I am off campus or take my advice on how to keep up with proper nutrition and workouts while still living on campus.

Thank you for checking out our blog can’t wait to take care of U.

-Hunter Lewis

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