Bailey Garrison

Hey Dukes! My name is Bailey Garrison and I am so excited to be writing for JM(takecareof)U.  I am a Senior at James Madison University and I am from Richmond Virginia. I am studying Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Educational Media. Being apart of the JMU community is so much more than the classes you take.

I am involved in many extracurricular activities including my sorority Phi Mu. Being apart of Greek Life here at JMU is a very rewarding experience, and is a way for you to find your home away from home. I am also a member of PRSSA and JMU GIVE Club. This summer, I studied abroad in London. I also traveled to the Netherlands and it was the best experience I have ever had. After returning from my trip, I loaded my schedule with an internship at an Advertising agency and worked my regular summer job as well. Through these jobs and my own experiences with food, fitness and health, I am hoping to help you!

Over the course of my four years at JMU, I have learned about all the resources, tips and tricks of staying healthy in college, particularly at JMU. My transition from high school to college was far from easy.  With all of the amazing food options, constantly being stressed about schoolwork and being away from home, it was really difficult to take the necessary actions to stay healthy. With my bad eating habits and never making it to the gym, I found myself being sick quite often. I thought it was just because of the amount of people I was always around, or living in a dorm. After taking a health class I realized that there is a lot that goes into being healthy. You have to eat right, exercise, get enough sleep and so on. After gaining weight, experiencing high levels of stress and always being sick, I decided it was time to change my lifestyle.  I developed healthy eating habits, made time to exercise and learned how to manage my time.  I am now more efficient with my time, allowing me to have time to go to the gym and be more conscious of what I am putting into my body.

Through my personal experiences at JMU, I hope to give you the best advice, tips and tricks on how to stay healthy in college. It certainly takes effort, but it is possible. Especially at JMU. There are so many resources available to students and my goal is to make you aware of them and make staying healthy fun and easy rather than another aspect of college to be stressed about.

Thank you for visiting this site, I look forward to letting JM(takecareof)U!

-Bailey Garrison