Boot Camp Ideas That Are Sure To Spread Holiday Cheer

This is it, 2016 has almost come to an end. As we approach December that also means we are approaching the holiday season which can mean binge eating endless carbs and baked goods. Working out is the last thing on your mind. It may not be fun for you or something that you look forward to. You would much rather be on the couch watching endless holiday movies. But, what if your workouts incorporated the holiday season? has five ideas to make your workouts holiday themed and something to look forward to during this time of the year. The best part about these boot camp style workout ideas is that you don’t have to do them alone, you’re actually encouraged to do this with others, these workouts are a great way to spend time with friends and family during the holiday season.

White Elephant Gift Exchange Workout

A traditional white elephant gift exchange with some fitness add-ons. Here’s how it works: everyone first completes a round of exercises, you all can choose what exercises you would like to do before the boot camp begins. After everyone completes the round you are all now on the “nice list” and may choose any wrapped gift. After everyone has chosen a gift you may steal anyone’s gift but you must complete two exercises from the “naughty list”. If your gift is stolen then you must complete two exercises from the nice list and to get a new wrapped gift. If the person whose gift has been stolen wants someone else’s gift they must complete two exercises off of the naughty list to steal the present. A gift may only be stolen three times before it is off limits. The “nice list” exercises should be fairly easy for each person to complete and the “naughty list” exercises should be on the more difficult side.

Santa’s Workshop Workout

This boot camp will take about 45 minutes and dumbbells, battle ropes and boxes are needed for these workouts so it will need to be completed at the gym. This workout is all about pretending you are assisting Santa in making his deliveries this Christmas so you will need to use a little imagination. For the warm-up each person picks an exercises to do for 10 reps, this should take anywhere from seven to 10 minutes. The first drill is known as “Santa’s Workshop” and is complied of two exercises and eight reps of each. First is the “toymaker” exercise that is actually known as man makers, this exercise is a “plank to push-up to one armed dumbbell row to squat to dumbbell overhead shoulder press” according to The second exercise is a squat jump. The second drill is “Santa’s Bag”, it is now time to load the sled by doing dumbbell suicides. Set up five comes 10 meters apart from one another. At the first cone carry the dumbbells to the second cone and set them down and run back to the first cone as fast as you can. Pick up the dumbbells and the second cone and carry them to the third cone then run back to the first cone. Repeat this exercise until three minutes have elapsed. The third drill you will pretend you are on the sleigh getting the reindeer to fly. This consists of two exercises repeated for eight reps, first is the battle rope slams and then plank up downs. The fourth drill is the “Rudolph Run” which is known as the Indian run in groups of five or six, and this exercise will be repeated until three minutes have elapsed. Drill five is “Down the Chimney” again two exercises for eight reps. First exercise will be “chimney jumps” aka box jumps and the second is walkout to push up. Finally drill six “Ho Ho HIIT” for four minutes with 20 seconds of work and ten seconds of rest repeated four times. The two exercises to be completed are “chimney climbers” which are mountain climbers and then star jumps.

12 Days of Christmas Workout

For this workout the participants are encouraged to dress in Christmas attire and to play Christmas music to get in the spirit. This is a perfect Christmas Eve workout and only takes 25 minutes to complete. Everyone participating will need a pair of dumbbells. The list of workouts will be accumulative just as the song “12 Days of Christmas” goes. Every new exercise you will complete the number said before it and then go back and do the preceding exercise with the number indicated. Here is a list of the exercises to complete thanks to, you may use these exercises or come up with your own.

  1. DB snatch (alternate arms each round)
  2. Burpees
  3. DB swing (like a kettle bell swing but with a dumbbell)
  4. Tricep dips
  5. Bicep curls
  6. Pushups
  7. Sea turtles
  8. Deadlifts
  9. Shoulder press
  10. Mountain climbers (each side)
  11. Wood chops (with weight)
  12. Box jumps (adv) or step-ups (beg/int.)

Christmas Tree Workout2014-12-08-05.27.56-e1418345095555.jpg

A pyramid style workout similar to the 12 days of Christmas workout, it will take about an hour to complete and dumbbells are needed. First to complete will be the base of the tree. Two round for 30 seconds each of glute bridge marches, scapula push-ups, stir the pot and then plank rocks. Next its time to complete the tree of exercises which includes five rounds and five exercises in each round. Round five: 10 reps each, push-ups, alternating bent over dumbbell row, dumbbell walking lunges, jump squats and side plank dumbbell raise. Round four: 20 reps each, push-ups, alternating bent over dumbbell row, dumbbell walking lunges and jump squats. Round three: 30 reps each, alternating bent over dumbbell row, dumbbell walking lunges and jump squats. Round two: 40 reps each, dumbbell walking lunges and jump squats. Round one: 50 reps of alternating bent over dumbbell row. The top of the tree is last with 100 dumbbell jumping jacks. Take a two-minute break and then do the workout again in reverse.

Kris Kringle Workout

The equipment needed for this workout is one Christmas bag and 10 Christmas bows or tags with exercise names written on them. To set up for this workout you need to attach a piece of paper with an exercise to your bow or tags and place it in your Christmas bag. The workout consists of ten different exercises that you may choose yourself. One person will go up to the bag and choose a “present” the exercise pulled out of the bag is then the exercise that everyone must complete. You may either put the present back in or have everyone pull out the different exercises and the workout can be complete when the bag is emptied.

This holiday season grab a few friends and try these different holiday boot camps. Dress up in your favorite ugly Christmas sweaters and blast some holiday music for added holiday cheer.

Peace, Love and DDP,



Another Holiday, Another Holiday Workout

Last time it was a workout to burn those Halloween candy calories and this time it’s a workout for your Thanksgiving Day feast. “The average American eats around 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving. Remember that number for a moment.”


To “undo” the damage of your Thanksgiving feast the average weight training circuit of 8 exercises completed in 8 minutes (when performed at a high-intensity with minimal rest) has the ability to burn approximately 150 to 200 calories.

Check out this article to find out how you can burn off those Thanksgiving Day calories.

Happy Thanksgiving from us to you.

Peace, Love and DDP,


Body Weight Basics

Even though I have enjoyed running for a couple years, I get bored of it sometimes. Running is such a tempting workout because it is fast and yields immediate results. When I worked at a gym, I would run after work every day and loved it. After a couple weeks, my body was constantly aching and I assumed I was doing something wrong. I decided to invest in better sneakers and talk to some personal trainers that worked at the gym. They informed me how dangerous it is to run more distance than your body is prepared for. Since I was not used to running long distances very often, my body was informing me to take it easier. I learned how important it is to incorporate strength training and various forms of cardio. I have previously encouraged weight training over prolonged cardio, but I want to talk about some card workouts that burn fat and build muscle, in a safe manner.

I decided to run less and bike for about ten minutes before leaving the gym. I was amazed how much a short bike could effect how sore I would feel the next day. The thing is, biking uses different muscles than running. In some ways, at least for me, it is harder to bike for a long time than running. I decided to keep with biking everyday and adding some elliptical exercises in. After a week or so, both exercises seemed more appealing to me. Surprisingly, running less and biking more made the biggest impact in how I would feel when I would run. Runs felt more energized and my legs were sore, but not achy.

Mixing it up is always important to build the essential muscle to do more of your favorite cardio workouts. Popular in many workout plans today, body weight workouts are an easy and effective way to build muscle. The awesome thing about body weight exercises is that they usually do not require any materials or much time. The hardest part about starting body weight exercising is getting informed. I’m going to lay out the fundamental workouts you need to know to get beneficial results in little time.

First, arm muscles tend to show results the fastest. Because elf this, I have always enjoyed doing arm workouts because you feel stronger right away.

Arm Workouts

Push-ups: With your hands laying flat on the floor at arm’s length distance, slowly lower your entire body while bending your arms to a 90 degree angle. Make sure you keep your body flat or parallel to the ground to ensure proper form.

Pull-ups: Personally, I like to bend my knees when doing pull-ups because I am tall and usually they will touch the ground. You should try this too if you want to feel more comfortable with the workout.Start hanging from a bar with your arms nearly straight and your body relaxed. Then bring your body up towards the bar until your chin reaches the top of the bar. Try to remain calm and avoid moving your legs or entire body back and forth. This workout is supposed to be controlled to avoid injuries and reap the best results. Once youimg_3301 slowly revert back to straight arms, continue the movement for as long as you can.

Tricep Dips: Using a bar or any surface that is above the floor, place the palm of your hands on the edge closest to you and wrap your fingers around the edge of the surface. Remaining stable, let your body sink to the ground and then lift in up using your arm muscles.

Push-ups with Exercise Ball: Similar to a regular push-up, use an exercise body ball to lever your feet up. Maintaining balance can be tricky, but doable after a couple tries. This is a great way to work on balance and agility.

Ab Workouts

Building a strong core is essential to building your stamina and endurance in cardio. These workouts are easy and can be done in a gym or in your dorm room.

Bicycle crunches: Lay on your back with you legs crunched and knees bent. Have your arms bend with your hands supporting your heard. Move legs like a bike and have your arms and abs replicate the motion. Do this about 50 times with 30 seconds rest. Repeat as many times as you can.

Leg lifts: This is the perfect workout to grab a friend and compete over who can do more. First, lay on your back with your arms and legs straight. Using your abdomen, lift your legs up straight until you form a 90 degree angle. Then lower your legs back to the ground, without letting your legs bend. If you are working out with a friend, alternate doing leg lifts and pushing the other person’s legs down. This makes avoiding hitting the ground harder.


Possibly the most essential to building muscle for running, a little can go a long way when it comes to leg workouts.

Squats: With so many variations of squats, it is hard to say which one is the best. Be sure when you bend your knees you have your feet far enough from each other on the ground. Squats are a compound workout, so they work many parts of your body. Squatting can help your bones and muscles and increase flexibility. Basically, squats are a necessity when it comes to body weight workouts.

Some of the popular squats are sumo squats, jumping squats. If you want to use extra exercising tools for squatting, you can incorporate using added weights, bosu balls and resistance bands. All of these are awesome ways to amp up a simple workout and build leg muscle fast.

Lunges: Make sure your knee is directly over your front foot when executing a lunge and keep the upper half of your body straight and relaxed. Proper form is essential to working the muscles and making your you don’t pull anything in the process.

Give these workouts a try and see how they effect your cardio performance. Building muscles will give you the means to do more of what you love and risk the chances of injury.












Stop Being Afraid of the Gym

Everything you have tried seems to fail. You have said to yourself before that you want to get fit so you start to go to the gym but that motivation lasts about two weeks tops. You may have no idea where to start. You may be self-conscious of being a gym newbie. That’s ok, everyone has to start somewhere, though it may be surprising everyone in that gym, even the most fit of people, have had the same feeling as you at some point. Motivation is key, but that’s just the start of it. There are many things that come into play when it comes to starting your workout regiment and I am here to help explain them to you so that you can get started in the gym without fear.

Get out of your own head

You are your own worst enemy. The fact that you are telling yourself that you can’t do it is holding you back. The second you change your mind about yourself it will be so much easier to get started. As I said before everyone has to start somewhere and no one is judging you in the gym. Everyone is there for the same reason, to better themselves and to keep healthy. The sooner you realize this the sooner you can get in the gym and stay there.


Maybe what you need is a little fitness inspiration. Check out different fitness blogs or accounts on Facebook and Instagram that show transformation photos of people who started out just like you. Do not become obsessed with looking like someone else that you see but use these pictures as motivation that you too can do it.

Find a workout regime that suits you

The weight room may not be for you. Maybe you love to run but you want to start strength training. The TRX looks intimidating but you want to give it a try. This step is all about trial and error. Do not get discouraged if you try something out and can’t keep up or just simply do not like it. There are many sources for finding different workout routines online all you have to do is type in what you want to try and you will get hundreds of examples. UREC also offers an array of classes to choose from. Try those out who knows you could become the next body sculpt regular.

Get a gym buddy


According to a support system is one of the best ways to keep up the good work in the gym. Finding someone to go to the gym with can get both of you into gear when it comes to sticking to plans to workout. It is much harder to cancel on someone than it is to cancel plans on yourself because now you have someone relying on you. You will motivate one another, you can use each other for partner workouts and it’s always going to be more fun doing something with a friend than just going at it alone.

Make a schedule and stick to it

Create a schedule of times that you can go to the gym that work around your classes and study time. Maybe waking up earlier is the only way you can get your workout in or maybe late night is your only opportunity. Find whatever works the best for you. The gym shouldn’t be a chore it should be something that you look forward to, a stress reliever and the chance to get away from the stressors of classes. Get together with your gym buddy and work out the times that you both can go and stick to it. Be sure to include rest days in your schedule as well. The moment you start straying from your schedule is when you ultimately stop going all together. So be sure to create a schedule that you know you can keep up with.

Listen to your body, do not over do it

Burn out is another factor in quitting the gym entirely. Working yourself too hard for too many consecutive days can be reason for you to steer clear of the gym for a while. As I stated before be sure to take rest days. Listen to your body when you feel too tired or too sore to go to the gym and take the day off. This doesn’t mean quit, just take the day off and get back to it the next day. Stretching in front of the television can be a great alternative for the day. According to Kayla Itsines, fitness guru, on her blog she says that skipping your workout for the day when feeling too tired or sore can give you a renewed focus and can be beneficial to boosting your motivation when it comes to working out in the future.

So get up get a friend, make some time and get to the gym. Find what works best for you and what you like to do. Most importantly do not be afraid of what others are saying about you because they are all there to do the same thing you are, to exercise. The gym is a judgment free zone so fear no more. See you at UREC in the near future Dukes.

Peace, Love and DDP,


Work Out Halloween Style

Halloween festivities are unfortunately now over. With Hallohomecoming weekend as we call it lasted from Thursday night until last night, I am sure we are all as exhausted and in need of a detox as much as I am. Whether it’s candy, tailgating food or drinks that you need to burn off, I have compiled the ultimate Halloween workout plan that will shed the calories but make you feel like the spirit of Halloween is not over yet.

Here are some ways you can continue Halloween:

  • Deck out your favorite workout clothes in a Halloween accessory or your favorite costume
  • Listen to Halloween music while working out
  • Do a circuit of Halloween themed moves
  • Add a Pumpkin to your workout

Different Halloween costumes that you can wear as your workout outfit:

  • A pumpkin shirt
  • Cat ears and a tail
  • A partner costume to wear with your workout buddy
  • An 80’s workout costume with leg warmers.

The list can go on but these are just some ideas that you can do to spice up your Halloween workout.

A Halloween playlist that will get you motivated and your feet moving:

The Active Times website wrote an article on a Halloween-themed workout that the American Council on Exercise developed. I am going to provide you with a few exercises that you can pair together. Do each exercise for 45 seconds. Perform each pair three times through and then recover for a minute and start the next pair. If you click on the link, the article will provide you with more spooky exercises that you can pair together.

Mummy Sit-Ups

This mummy exercise will engage the core the most. Lay like a mummy on the ground with your legs straight, back on the ground and hands to your legs. Sit up straight and then lower yourself back to the ground.

Ghost Fliers

This exercise is similar to the Superman exercise that I used to do, but now I do this one because I feel more sore afterwards. All you do is lay on your stomach with your arms stretched out straight over your head and your legs straight. You then lift up your arms, legs and head and keep them up while you reach your left arm to your left knee and then switch to the right. Don’t relax to the ground until the 45 seconds is over.

Spider Plank Push-Ups

I attempted to do this exercise at the gym and it was quit challenging. Go into the plank position leaning on your hands. As you go down into a push-up, bring your right knee up to your right elbow and then push back up. Repeat the push up but on the left side now. I personally found it helpful when I made a goal for the amount of push-ups I would complete before stopping, because personally I can’t do push-ups for 45 seconds straight yet. As I do these exercises more, I hope that I can get to 45 seconds without needing to stop.

Creepy Crawlers

This exercise reminds me of the crab walk. Leaning on both hands and feet with your torso up, walk a certain distance and then turn around.


The last way to continue your Halloween style workout is to add a pumpkin. Do each exercise for 45 seconds and then switch. Take a one minute break after doing three exercises in a row. The next few exercises are some options that you can try:

  • Seated Russian Twists
  • Push-Up
  • Goblet Squat
  • Side Lunge
  • Overhead Triceps Extension
  • Pumpkin Swing
  • Sit-Up
  • Sit-Up to Toes
  • Uneven Push-Up

Seated Russian Twists

Balance on your glutes and raise your legs. Hold a pumpkin in your hands and twist from side to side.


Put the pumpkin in front of you, put your hands on the pumpkin in plank position and go down and up for one push-up.

Goblet Squat

Hold the pumpkin in front of you with your feet shoulder width apart and with back flat, squat down and then come up and bring the pumpkin over your head. That counts as one.

Side Lunge

Hold the pumpkin in front of you and stand up straight. Put your left leg to the left and lunge with the pumpkin reaching to touch the ground. Keep your back flat and your head looking forward.

Overhead Triceps Extension

Hold the pumpkin above your head and put one foot slightly behind you. Lower the pumpkin behind your head for and raise it up straight again. Make sure to keep your elbows slightly bent when the pumpkin is above your head.

Pumpkin Swing

Hold the pumpkin out in front of you with your feet should width apart. As you go down into a squat, swing the pumpkin in between your legs and then swing it back up. Keep your head looking forward.


Go in the sit-up position with the pumpkin above your head and your arms extended holding the pumpkin. Bring the pumpkin up and touch your knees with the pumpkin. Lower yourself back to the starting position slowly and repeat.

Sit-Up to Toes

Lie on your back and lift your legs so they are perpendicular to the ground. Hold the pumpkin in your hands and reach the pumpkin up, lifting your shoulders off the group and reaching for your toes.

Uneven Push-Up

With the pumpkin on the ground, go into plank position with one hand leaning on the pumpkin and the other on the ground. Go down and up for one push-up.

Decking out your workout outfit in with Halloween accessories, listening to Halloween music, doing a circuit of Halloween themed moves and adding a pumpkin to your workout will make it feel like the Halloween candy, tailgating food and drinks were all worth the calories.

Happy November.

Peace, Love and DDP,


Getting The Most Out of Your Workout

Whether you have an issue getting to the gym or staying there for as long as you initially planned, you might not be aware of some of the underlying reasons you are not staying motivated or getting as much as you want out of your workouts.  Whatever your fitness goals are, it is important to recognize how your habits affect your behavior when you exert yourself working out. Here are some of the ways you can optimize your progress with every workout.

Enjoying what you’re doing

Psychology suggests that depriving yourself of what you enjoy doing or forcing yourself to do unpleasant tasks will result in short-term behavior change and possibly resentment. Therefore, one must actually enjoy doing something if they are intending on forming a habit. Since working out makes you happier and healthier, why not mix it with something you love doing? If you love sleeping, like the majority of us, get plenty of shut eye! According to the 2015 Sports Medicine Review, data shows that getting a proper 7-8 hours of sleep will fuel your energy to workout. Additionally, working out will help you sleep better. It’s a win-win situation! Improving your quality of sleep will improve your body’s recovery to weight lifting or cardio. With all of this considered, be sure to finish your workout three hours before going to sleep. Like using technology prior to getting shut-eye, it stimulates your brain and may hinder your ability to relax.

Mixing up the scenery 

hikeWhile I enjoy making eye contact with gym-goers as much as the next person, sometimes you might have to mix up the view. With plenty outdoor options available in Harrisonburg, there are plenty of ways to get your fitness fix and avoid boredom. Make your exercise an excuse to check out a new park or try a new sport. Downtown Harrisonburg is home to many unique and innovative fitness classes. For instance, Shendandoah Yoga and The Nest are good places to build flexibility, relax and optimize health. Like previously stating in our fitness posts, head to the arboretum for an on-campus nature walk or drive to Reddish Knob. If you enjoy long trips, head to Skyline Drive or even Roanoke, VA. Exercising is a great way to get out and explore cities around Harrisonburg.


Finding a gym buddy

While working out has shown to be an effective means of relieving stress, it is also a great time to hangout with friends and make new ones. Bringing friends to the gym not only motivates you during the workout, it can be an incentive to leave at the same time and stay for a longer period. Sometimes going to the gym with a friend ends up being a nonstop conversation with little or no physical workout.  If this is the case, stay accountable to working out with a friend but go your separate ways after stretching. Good thing stretching is not as boring with a gym buddy! 

Listening to music

Listening to music can be the determining factor in how long you workout. I have the hardest time working out without music blasting.  Therefore, making a workout playlist is the only way I will actually want to exercise. Luckily, Fitness Magazine published a list of the top 100 workout songs to download before your next workout session. You can use the songs are intervals during your workout to avoid staring at the clock. Pick your favorite songs to guide you through your workout and get yourself to like it again.

Eating the proper pre and post workout snacks 

“Carbs are your body’s primary fuel for any high-intensity workout, and when your body is fueled, your body is going to put forth a better effort and get a better value, both in terms of caloric expenditure and muscle growth, than it would if you were in fasted state,” says Jason Wilson, editor of Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Making it a habit will make you feel better during your workout and more satisfied once you are done.

Be sure to get your fix of carbohydrates and protein before you work out to provide yourself with the energy for an effective workout. Simply grabbing a banana and peanut butter can give you the necessary energy to have a longer, more worthwhile hour at the gym. These carbohydrates give you immediate energy and should be consumed about an hour before an intense workout.

Then after you sweat it out, replenish your body with protein. Eating immediately after your workout is necessary because your body is recovering. Fuel yourself with a high-protein snack like an omelet, protein shake or greek yogurt.

These both are necessary to give your body energy to power through workouts and to heal after your hard work. Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated!

Keeping it interesting


Sticking to one form of cardio or lifting regime might seem like a great way to squeeze in “you time” during your busy schedule, but studies suggest otherwise. Switching up your workouts has proven to work more muscles and keep athletes motivated for longer. Some fun new workouts to look up are:

  1. imageskettle ball workouts
  2. body weight exercise
  3. 20/20/20
  4. BodyPump

If that is intimidating, start small and work your way up.  For instance, set goals with push-ups, sit-ups, squats and planks.  Try to increase the amount you do a day or increase how many minutes you perform each exercise.  While weight machines are an excellent way to build muscle, free weights are great for shaping lean muscle once you have proper form. Even mix it up within your time at the gym. If you have an hour at the gym, do your twenty minutes of running at different speeds and allow yourself forty minutes to learn how to use the equipment.

When all else fails, investing in new workout gear can help you feel confident while working out. Once you find what workouts work best for your busy life, choose the workout gear that makes the most sense. Work hard, not fast. Be patient with your efforts and the results will come.

Peace, love and DDP



Your Dorm Room Is Just As Effective As UREC

You want to find time for UREC but you only have 20 or 30 minutes extra to your day. Walking all of the way there and all of the way back or even trying to find parking could take you that long or maybe longer. Your dorm room or bedroom may seem small but to do a successful workout you only need space the size of a yoga mat to complete your workout. I myself have been doing workouts in my bedroom every morning I wake up. It gets my day started without the hassle of trying to get to the gym. You might be wondering what kind of workout can you even do in the space the size of a large closet. Will it even be effective? Don’t I need gym equipment? Don’t worry; I have answers for all of those questions and more and examples of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and blog accounts to follow to get free easy to do workouts in the comfort of your bedroom.

Will my workout be effective?

According to body weight workouts can be just as effective as a weight routine. It allows your joints to distress and helps your body lose fat. Of course using heavy weights and equipment is one way to get the beach body of your dreams it is not the only way. Doing a quick 20 to 30 minute bodyweight exercise is enough to help your body lose weight or maintain the weight that you are now while gaining muscle mass. If you did want to add extra weight to your exercises some dumbbells are cheap and small enough to stow away under a bed or in a closest. If you don’t have the extra cash or time to buy these Cosmopolitan has a list of “17 Household Items That Work Just as Well as Weights”:

  • 1-Pounders:
    • Cans of soup or beans
    • Bottle of salad dressing
    • Bottle of vinegar
    • Cutlery
  • 2-Pounders:
    • Cartons of soy milk
    • Small bag of rice
  • 3-Pounders
    • Bag of apples
    • Bag of onions
    • Bag of oranges
  • 4-Pounders
    • Fridge-door ketchup bottle
    • Bag of pet food
    • Medium pumpkin
  • 5-Pounders
    • Large bag of rice
    • Standard bag of potatoes
    • Standard bag of flour
  • 8-Pounders
    • Gallon of water or milk
  • 10-pounders
    • Large bottle of laundry detergent says that studies show that even just 15 minutes is enough to boost your metabolism. Waking up just a little bit earlier and getting the workout done in your bedroom is enough to keep you happy and healthy.

Where can I find these workouts?

This one is easy. Take a look at your Instagram explore page and in less than five minutes I can almost guarantee that you will find a fitness account giving you examples of quick and easy workouts. Fitness gurus such as Kayla Itsines, Anna Victoria and Karina Irby share inspirational pictures and transformations on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts but sometimes they will even share quick workouts and videos that can all be done at home with little to no equipment. If you go to their websites or blogs they will have even more sample workouts to do.

images.pnglogo.pngav logo sm-anna.png

Each of these women has guidebooks that you can buy as well and are around $40 to $60. That can seem a bit pricey but once you buy the book you can complete the guidebook as many times as you want while still seeing results. I myself have used Kayla Itsines since I was a junior in high school, it works and the exercises are quick (less than half an hour) and challenging so I can feel my body getting a good workout all while in the comfort of my own bedroom. If those are not in your price range, no fear, there are many more free options to check out. Pinterest is a great social media website for free workouts of any kind. Just simply type in a few key words such as “at home workouts” and hundreds of results will come up. You can even narrow it down to the specific kinds of workouts you would like to do from cardio to abs to legs. Using Pinterest can keep you from getting into a workout rut of doing the same routine over and over since there are so many options in workouts. Here is an example of a free at home workout that you can find on Pinterest when you type in the keywords “at home workout” it should take about 20 minutes:

  • 15 squat jumps
  • Five pushups
  • 25 high knees
  • Seven burpees
  • 10 lunges
  • Seven squats
  • Five pushups
  • 10 lunges
  • Five pushups
  • Seven squats
  • 15 squat jumps
  • One minute wall sit
  • Five pushups
  • 25 high knees
  • Repeat three times

Workouts range from beginner to advanced levels. also gives free workouts that you can do at home. This is your one stop shop website for any information you would like to know about fitness and health. Professionals much like the Instagram fitness gurus make these workouts only this website has free information instead of paying for a guidebook so this may be your number one free option when looking for quick effective workouts that you know were made by a trusted fitness trainer.

UREC is an amazing workout facility and we are so fortunate to go to a school that provides us with such but sometimes you just don’t have time to make the trek out there. Next time you are scrambling for time but still wanted to get a quick workout in remember that even 15 minutes can be effective for your health and there are many outlets to choose from when trying to find a workout that fits you. From pricey to free check out the examples and find one that works best for your body. That dorm room and those extra gallons of water won’t seem so useless after all.

Peace, Love and DDP,