Paige Epstein


Hey Dukes! My name is Paige Epstein and I am so excited to be writing for JM(takecareof)U.  I am a Junior at James Madison University and I am from northern New Jersey. I am studying Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Educational Media. Being a part of the JMU community is so much more than the classes you take.

I am involved in many extracurricular activities including my sorority Sigma Kappa. Being part of Greek Life at JMU is very rewarding.  I hold a cabinet position as the Historian Chairperson. This summer, I loaded my schedule with two jobs and took two summer courses online through JMU. One of the jobs I worked at was a gym specialized Pilates and wellness.  The other job I held was a Rehabilitation hospital.  Through these jobs and my own experiences, I am hoping to help you!

Over my three years at JMU, I have learned all the tips and tricks when it comes to multitasking and prioritizing the things that matter.  My freshman year was a difficult transition. Trying to meet academic, social and personal expectations took its toll on my healthy eating.  With all of the amazing dining hall-all you can eat options, to being stressed over exams and being away from home, the “struggle was real”. With my bad eating habits and never making it to the gym after class, my immune system took a hit and I found myself being sick more often than I was healthy.  I went back and forth from NJ to VA, visiting specialty doctors because I was convinced something was wrong.  When I realized I was perfectly fine and my health habits were the reason my body couldn’t fight off little virus’s, I changed my whole lifestyle.  I developed the healthier eating habits, and learned how to better manage my time.  Working out is now a priority along with eating green everyday.

Through my personal experience, I hope to give you the best advice on how to stay healthy through college. It is hard, but it is very possible.  College is hard, but I want to help it be as easy as possible.  Thank you for visiting this site, I look forward to letting JM(takecareof)U!

-Paige Epstein