Rachel Kearney

My fellow Dukes,

My name is Rachel Kearney and I am a third year at JMU. I am majoring in Communication Studies, concentrating in Public Relations and minoring in Human Resource Development. Aside from being a student at JMU, I am a seasonal employee for Lord & Taylor located in New York City, NY, where my current position is Special Events and Marketing Intern. My tasks include; creating Powerpoint presentations for future in-store events, creating Powerpoint recaps for in-store events, preparing for all aspects of the upcoming in-store events, setting up all the necessary materials for the in-store events, and overseeing the in-store events at the site.

Prior to my position at Lord & Taylor, I had an internship with the American Cancer Society. My main task everyday was to update the American Cancer Society page by inputing donations and updating all event fundraising totals. I also served as a leis-son between community event leaders and the American Cancer Society representatives.

At JMU I hold two positions in organizations that allow me to put my media and technology skills to work. I am the Public Relations chair for Sigma Kappa sorority which involves managing all social media including Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook on behalf of Sigma Kappa. I am also an active member of the Public Relations Student Society of America. I am on the social media committee and publish monthly blog posts for other PRSSA members and JMU students to view.

I have acquired two new responsibilities in the past two weeks that I am determined to portray my knowledge and experience throughout. I have been invited to be on the Greeks for Life committee on behalf of Relay for Life at JMU. And I am writing this health blog this semester for women at JMU.

I have realized with this busy schedule I need to stay organized, motivated and positive. To maintain my grades and perform well in four organizational positions, I need to stay healthy. Balancing and maintaining my mental health, food choices and exercise will keep me mentally and physically ready to take on every day.

My main goal for this blog is to help my followers and readers be able to be healthy while balancing their busy schedule at JMU. We will get through this together. Keep reading and JM(takecareof)U.

Your JMU health blogger,


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